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  • Elio R Pascual

Advertising Agency, yes or no?

This is a question business owners have to deal with, and it doesn’t matter if it’s an established company or a startup enterprise. We have a lot of real-life experience, but I prefer to offer you some facts to decide whether to hire an advertising agency or instead negotiate directly with media vendors (i.e., radio stations, the SEO marketing company, the web developer and etc., etc., etc.)

Business owners often state that by negotiating directly with vendors, with no doubt, save money in fees and can obtain more advertising for their dollar. This is an extended myth, and it could make sense “theoretically” but in reality, there are substantial deficiencies and a lot of hidden indirect costs associated.

I’m not going to follow any logical order but since “time is your most valuable asset,” let’s begin with the amount of time you can dedicate to run your own business than being stuck in the minor details of your marketing efforts. Let the ad agencies do the detailed work, and without a doubt you won’t suffer loss of productivity or misconducting services due to marketing micromanagement.

The real business of media broker organizations (ad agencies) is the success of their customers, partners and associates; therefore, they make a maximum effort to bring aboard “la crème de la crème” in various marketing mediums and techniques. Media Broker Organizations employ or partner with multiple people who are seasoned in this field of expertise, hence a business owner is never going to supersede specialists an agency can bring to work on their marketing plan.

Money allotment is another indication to take into account when choosing who is going to drive your business growth. Everybody knows that “time is money,” we already mentioned about time, so now let’s talk about money. Since ad agencies can choose from different medias, they are free to choose the provider that offer the best deal. It is an open secret that competition between media providers means lower advertising rates, consequently, media broker organizations often pay less than direct retail clients.

Of course, there are lots of more reasons to select an ad agency than negotiate directly with media representatives, but we consider the ones above the main answers to business owner’s questions. However, if you demand more to make a decision you can also take into consideration that ad agencies have more and better relationships with media outlets. Ad agencies aren’t in a rush to sale a specific kind of media, we choose the best for your project and are the mediators between business owners and media providers. We will take all media sales inquiries and choose from the best one.

Selecting a media broker organization is a win-win scenario, because we only achieve if your businesses succeed. Remember advertising agencies are more fruitful when they demonstrate success in growing their clients’ business

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