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  • Elio R Pascual

Travel Agencies in the Post-Pandemic Era!!!

Sometime ago, customers walked into a travel agency, browsed a catalogue, settled on a destination, and the agency would do the rest. But today most people sit down at home on a tablet, a computer or smartphone and plan a vacation. However, beforehand, they still need to carry out lots of research on airlines, hotels, attractions, and potential destination. If your travel agency is not turning up in their search results, that's a problem, because today anyone can be their own travel agent, especially with websites like Expedia, Booking and Airbnb getting larger by the day. Travel agencies are having to fight an uphill battle to rank, and more important, to continue selling trips.

It is a fact that travel in a post-Covid-19 epoch is now a harder sell, at least for small travel agencies. Their advertising campaigns must go further than pre-pandemic times to be able to compete with bigger companies. Small agencies need to get even more astute in delivering the right message to the right people at the right time.

If developing an advertisement campaign, to promote your travel agency, is still not among your priorities, you must understand that your market share is flying away. Customers likely have numerous travel companies from which to choose, and advertisements are the only and effective methods to deliver the reasons a travel customer should choose your business in a first place.

In reality don't go running out to throw money at the first hunch or because someone said such a thing. An advertising campaign is a unique designed strategy that is carried out across multiple channels and it's not always productive to copy what others have done. An effective travel ads campaign has a strong story and a powerful narrative, capable to always maintaining relevant messages to your target audiences. But if you don’t know where to begin, seek professional help and start running that advertising campaign that will undoubtedly give you successful results.

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