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At Sweven Consulting Group, each client is unique, therefore we create strategies tailored to the needs of each company. Reach out and we’ll help you get your brand exactly where it needs to be — ahead of the rest. We are a  Full Services Media Brokers Organization.


Earbuds in Case
old formats to digital


Consumers spend more than 20 hrs. every week on average, listening to any form of audio, whether it be jogging, commuting, driving or working. Audio is an important part of our daily lives. Look around next time you are in a public space and you will notice people listening through smartphones, wireless headphones, smart speakers, etc. Therefore a great opportunity for audio advertising.


We know video advertising is not all about live television anymore, but digital advertising through all platforms available. It is a fact people watch videos anytime, anywhere and nevertheless when they decide.


Display advertising reaches consumers everywhere, whether they are in public places, like bus stops, airports, etc., or checking their smart phones, buying online or commuting to work.
From standard display advertisements to banner ads, pop-ups or animations, possibilities to create integrated solutions are endless.

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